June 20, 2013

Enjoying Balance

The Academic is practically addicted to a computer game called Minecraft.  He has a version of Minecraft for every device he owns or has access to.  Knowing this about him, my jaw dropped when he said to me, “I’m sort of glad I haven’t been playing Minecraft as much lately.”  He went on to explain that he was appreciating the balance he was gaining.  He liked the flow of helping at home, spending time being active, pursuing other interests and then also spending time on his favorite hobby.

So, what does “balanced” life look like this summer?  We have been bike riding, jogging and swimming.  The Scholar Athlete has started football practice at the high school. The Academic joined the library’s summer reading program and has started learning to play the piano. (I am teaching him some, but he is doing quite a bit of self-instruction as well.) The Academic begged to “do math” over the summer and the Scholar Athlete needed some algebra practice, so both boys are enrolled in ALEKS math courses this summer. 
I have to admit that I am also enjoying the slower pace.  I have had time to read (currently Psalms, 1 John, and Brain Rules by John Medina), keep my house picked up, have the kids’ friends over, spend time with family, exercise, and start this blog.  I know that I will add other responsibilities as time goes on, but I hope I am establishing some habits that will help me stay balanced.

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