June 18, 2013

Recommitting to a Lifestyle of Learning

I am a teacher by profession.  When it was time for our oldest to start school, my husband (the Chemist) and I decided that a homeschooling lifestyle would be best for him.  In the area we lived in at that time, I found a public school program that allowed us the freedom to truly embrace homeschooling.   I loved homeschooling and would have continued homeschooling both my children through high school. 
Through a series of events that were not completely in our control, I ended up going back into classroom teaching.  The children were eventually enrolled in the same charter school where I worked and we all had a very good experience there for three years. 
My oldest (the Scholar Athlete) is now starting high school and we have opted for our local public high school.  My younger son (the Academic) has been asking to homeschool again.  A variety of circumstances (including sending the Scholar Athlete to regular school) led me to believe that this is the right time to quit my current job and join the Academic in a lifestyle of learning.
I will be studying the brain, learning, the Bible, and all the ways those three topics impact the family and relationships.  Along the way I plan to be intentional about nurturing relationships and sharing my learning with others.  This blog is part of my plan.

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