June 25, 2013

Productivity for Your Family

I came across this TED talk as I was looking for more information about the effects of chronic stress.  Mr. Feiler suggests an idea that can help you deal with the stress of family life.  I found it interesting that he decided to use a business productivity model (a completely different perspective than I have ever had) to look at parenting and came up with some of the same ideas that I have come to value over the years.  I didn't find his approach revolutionary, but it confirmed that the ideas I espouse are logical no matter how you come to them.

All the parenting books and programs that I have ever liked have a few things in common.  They center on developing a loving relationship with your kids, they emphasize teaching personal responsibility, and favor natural and logical consequences over punishment.  Many times they suggest having the kids problem solve or come up with their own consequences and often suggest family meetings.

If you liked this video, you may want to take a look at Conscious Discipline, Accountable Kids, or Love and Logic. Sometime I may post my reviews of each one. For now, I will say that Conscious Discipline does the most to help parents become the people they want their kids to be.  It includes family meetings, responsibility, and logical consequences, but it majors on managing emotions (of the parent and the child.)  Accountable Kids includes family meetings, logical consequences, and ideas for building relationships, but it majors on teaching kids responsibility. Love and Logic seeks to maintain loving relationships and develop responsibility, but majors on using natural and logical consequences.

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